We Buy Scrap Copper Wire - Get Paid To Recycle Copper Wire

We pay more for Scrap electrical wire

Why spend half of your day searching for the best wire prices in the Mid-State area?  We can pay more because we process the wire in our facility and sell it in bulk directly to end users.  Why shouldn't you make more money for your wire when there is so much more meat on the bone?

Our philosophy:
Bring Honesty and Integrity to the recycling business.  If you give us a pound, we pay for a pound.

Our commitment to our Customers:
When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your business partner. Our success is measured by the success of you or your company. That's why we invest whatever resources that are needed to get and keep your business.  If we are able to increase our profit margin doing our own processing, then it would only make sense that you the customer should see these same increases.

Our experience
We know the challenges that people face today. Our Staff have been in your shoes. They're past owners and operators of businesses in many arenas of construction and demolition.  We know the value of a dollar.

 Buying Copper Wire


Sell Scrap Copper Wire 

Bare Bright Copper Wire

Copper Wire Recycling

Telco and Cat-5 Wire

Why Sell Your Scrap Copper Wire To Us

We pay the highest rates - The price of copper is constantly changing and we always want to be the most competitive copper wire buyer in the region.  When you recycle your copper wire with us, we'll tell you exactly how much the current rates are so you can compare our pricing to anyone around.

We offer copper wire pickup service - If you have 100+ pounds of scrap wire that you would like to recycle, we may offer free pickup service depending on your location.  Please ask us about this when you call our office.

We buy all types of copper wire - Regardless of the size, if it's made of copper ... we'll buy it.